Nation of Turkey, Turkey

Turkey- Nation of two worlds

Turkey- Nation of two worlds

It doesn’t need to be stated that Globalization has spread throughout this world at a rampant rate and it does not seem to be decreasing this growth rate. Today, every nation is within its reach and it is only further integrating the whole world into one seamless entity. Those who may have treated as a fad that will cease after a few years have come to realize that it is clearly not so. As of now, every nation in the whole world has come to welcome it to a great extent because of the benefits it may bring at times reluctantly so. Turkey is one of the Shining examples of a transition that has been brought about by globalization.

History revolving
In the early ages, Turkey had been the center of some of the strongest and most widespread empires on earth and has been the active seat of many powerful and significant rulers. Although Turkey is not the same nation it was ages ago and is a mere reflection of its once attained overwhelming strength, it is yet a very developed and highly sophisticated nation. The development can be attributed to a change in the mental attitude of the Turkish who have generously welcomed the change that had been brought about in it.


The beginning of change
The earliest Developments in Turkey can be traced back to the late 18th century, when there were many developments brought about by the government such as the establishment of many Education Institutes of science and technology. Today its colleges stand as some of the most venerable revered and oldest of colleges of technology and are admired by aspiring students all over the world. Turkey also has made significant infrastructural leap and has become a centre of trade and commerce and has businesses of all measure established within in it; both domestic and foreign.


Present scenario
Yet, with all the massive developments programs, Turkey still abides by many old traditional with a strong and an unyielding fervor. People of Turkey still have traditional manners reminiscent of old times and are very dignified and serene in their behaviorisms. At the same time, they are also very accepting and welcoming to others.


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