Blue Mosque Turkey, Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Turkey

The Blue Mosque in Turkey

The famous blue mosque commonly known as the Sultan Ahmed Mosque After the 14th Sultan Ahmed, who commissioned its construction. It took nearly seven years to build the mosque. The famous mosque was constructed in the locality of the mansion of the Byzantine monarchs which had to be demolished. The spoils of the war were supposed to fund the construction and since Ahmed had no victories he had to fund it from existing funds. The design of the mosque consolidates both Ottoman and Byzantine architecture.


The Architecture Design of the Blue Mosque

The most striking feature of the covering is the magnificent domes that cascade down from the great central dome. The name “blue mosque” comes from the color of the tiles of the interior since none of the exteriors is blue. A notable characteristic of the blue mosque is that it has six minarets since it is very rare to have extra than four. The Chief Entrance Is At the West Although Tourist and No Worshippers Use the Entrance in the North. An iron chain hangs from the western entry in order to guarantee that the Sultan, who was the only character allowed entering on bareback, had to lower his head each time he came.


The Internal Design

The inside is lit by more than 250 stained glass windows and many candleholders. The lanterns inside the mosque were once covered with gold and gems although they have bee pillaged or removed from the museums. The tiles at the lower levels are traditional in design, while at the museum level their design is of flowers, fruit, and cypresses. The floors are spread with carpets, which are often replaced with new ones due to wear. The most important ingredient in the mosque is the mihrab, which is made of engraved marble. The mosque is designed in such a way that everybody in the mosque can see and listen the Imam.


Why Visit the Blue Mosque

The blue mosque gives any visitor a chance to see the kind of architecture that was there during the great Ottoman Empire. It enables the visitors to appreciate the culture of the turkey people. You want to know and learn more about turkey and the famous Ottoman Empire just book a plane to turkey and visit the mosque.


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